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QgsGPSInformation Struct Reference

#include <qgsgpsconnection.h>

Public Attributes

double latitude
double longitude
double elevation
double speed
double direction
QList< QgsSatelliteInfosatellitesInView
double pdop
double hdop
double vdop
double hacc
double vacc
QDateTime utcDateTime
QChar fixMode
int fixType
int quality
int satellitesUsed
QChar status
QList< int > satPrn
bool satInfoComplete

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file qgsgpsconnection.h.

Member Data Documentation

double QgsGPSInformation::direction
double QgsGPSInformation::elevation
QChar QgsGPSInformation::fixMode
int QgsGPSInformation::fixType
double QgsGPSInformation::hacc
double QgsGPSInformation::hdop
double QgsGPSInformation::latitude
double QgsGPSInformation::longitude
double QgsGPSInformation::pdop
int QgsGPSInformation::quality
QList<QgsSatelliteInfo> QgsGPSInformation::satellitesInView
int QgsGPSInformation::satellitesUsed
bool QgsGPSInformation::satInfoComplete
QList<int> QgsGPSInformation::satPrn
double QgsGPSInformation::speed
QChar QgsGPSInformation::status
QDateTime QgsGPSInformation::utcDateTime
double QgsGPSInformation::vacc
double QgsGPSInformation::vdop

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