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parser.h File Reference
#include "info.h"
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struct  _nmeaPARSER


typedef struct _nmeaPARSER nmeaPARSER


int nmea_parser_init (nmeaPARSER *parser)
void nmea_parser_destroy (nmeaPARSER *parser)
int nmea_parse (nmeaPARSER *parser, const char *buff, int buff_sz, nmeaINFO *info)
int nmea_parser_push (nmeaPARSER *parser, const char *buff, int buff_sz)
int nmea_parser_top (nmeaPARSER *parser)
int nmea_parser_pop (nmeaPARSER *parser, void **pack_ptr)
int nmea_parser_peek (nmeaPARSER *parser, void **pack_ptr)
int nmea_parser_drop (nmeaPARSER *parser)
int nmea_parser_buff_clear (nmeaPARSER *parser)
int nmea_parser_queue_clear (nmeaPARSER *parser)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _nmeaPARSER nmeaPARSER

Function Documentation

int nmea_parse ( nmeaPARSER parser,
const char *  buff,
int  buff_sz,
nmeaINFO info 
int nmea_parser_buff_clear ( nmeaPARSER parser)
void nmea_parser_destroy ( nmeaPARSER parser)
int nmea_parser_drop ( nmeaPARSER parser)
int nmea_parser_init ( nmeaPARSER parser)
int nmea_parser_peek ( nmeaPARSER parser,
void **  pack_ptr 
int nmea_parser_pop ( nmeaPARSER parser,
void **  pack_ptr 
int nmea_parser_push ( nmeaPARSER parser,
const char *  buff,
int  buff_sz 
int nmea_parser_queue_clear ( nmeaPARSER parser)
int nmea_parser_top ( nmeaPARSER parser)