Quantum GIS API Documentation  1.7.4
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
QgsUndoCommand::AttributeChangeEntryChange structure for attribute for undo/redo purpose
Bezier3DClass Bezier3D represents a bezier curve, represented by control points
CloughTocherInterpolatorThis is an implementation of a Clough-Tocher interpolator based on a triangular tessellation
DualEdgeTriangulationDualEdgeTriangulation is an implementation of a triangulation class based on the dual edge data structure
QgsUndoCommand::GeometryChangeEntryChange structure to geometry for undo/redo purpose
QgsInterpolator::LayerDataA layer together with the information about interpolation attribute / z-coordinate interpolation and the type (point, structure line, breakline)
Line3DThis class represents a line
LinTriangleInterpolatorLinTriangleInterpolator is a class which interpolates linearly on a triangulation
NodeNode is a class used by Line3D
NormVecDecoratorDecorator class which adds the functionality of estimating normals at the data points
ParametricLineParametricLine is an Interface for parametric lines
Point3DPoint3D is a class to represent a three dimensional point
QGisGlobal constants for use throughout the application
QgisInterfaceQgisInterface Abstract base class defining interfaces exposed by QgisApp and made available to plugins
QgisPluginAbstract base class from which all plugins must inherit
QgsActionUtility class that encapsulates an action based on vector attributes
QgsAddRemoveItemCommandA composer command class for adding / removing composer items
QgsAnnotationItemAn annotation item can be either placed either on screen corrdinates or on map coordinates
QgsApplicationExtends QApplication to provide access to QGIS specific resources such as theme paths, database paths etc
QgsApplyDialogInterface class for dialogs that have an apply operation (e.g
QgsAspectFilterCalculates aspect values in a window of 3x3 cells based on first order derivatives in x- and y- directions
QgsAttributeActionStorage and management of actions associated with Qgis layer attributes
QgsCentralPointPositionManagerA simple position manager implementation which positions the overlay objects on the center point of a feature
QgsClipperA class to trim lines and polygons to within a rectangular region
QgsClipToMinMaxEnhancementA raster contrast enhancement that will clip a value to the specified min/max range
QgsColorButtonA cross platform button subclass for selecting colors
QgsColorRampShaderA ramp shader will color a raster pixel based on a list of values ranges in a ramp
QgsComposerArrowAn item that draws an arrow between to points
QgsComposerAttributeTableA table class that displays a vector attribute table
QgsComposerAttributeTableCompareHelper class for sorting, takes into account sorting column and ascending / descending
QgsComposerItemA item that forms part of a map composition
QgsComposerItemCommandUndo command to undo/redo all composer item related changes
QgsComposerItemGroupA container for grouping several QgsComposerItems
QgsComposerLabelA label that can be placed onto a map composition
QgsComposerLegendA legend that can be placed onto a map composition
QgsComposerLegendItemAbstract base class for the legend item types
QgsComposerMapObject representing map window
QgsComposerMergeCommandA composer command that merges together with other commands having the same context (=id)
QgsComposerPictureA composer class that displays svg files or raster format (jpg, png, ...)
QgsComposerScaleBarA scale bar item that can be added to a map composition
QgsComposerShapeA composer items that draws common shapes (ellipse, triangle, rectangle)
QgsComposerTableA class to display feature attributes in the print composer
QgsComposerTextTableA text table item that reads text from string lists
QgsComposerViewWidget to display the composer items
QgsCompositionGraphics scene for map printing
QgsContextHelpProvides a context based help browser for a dialog
QgsContinuousColorRendererRenderer class which interpolates rgb values linear between the minimum and maximum value of the classification field
QgsContrastEnhancementManipulates raster pixel values so that they enhanceContrast or clip into a specified numerical range according to the specified ContrastEnhancementAlgorithm
QgsContrastEnhancementFunctionA contrast enhancement funcion is the base class for all raster contrast enhancements
QgsCoordinateReferenceSystemClass for storing a coordinate reference system (CRS)
QgsCoordinateTransformClass for doing transforms between two map coordinate systems
QgsCredentialDialogA generic dialog for requesting credentials
QgsCredentialsInterface for requesting credentials in QGIS in GUI independent way
QgsCredentialsConsoleDefault implementation of credentials interface
QgsCsExceptionCustom exception class for Coordinate Reference System related exceptions
QgsDataProviderAbstract base class for spatial data provider implementations
QgsDataSourceURIClass for storing the component parts of a PostgreSQL/RDBMS datasource URI
QgsDerivativeFilterAdds the ability to calculate derivatives in x- and y-directions
QgsDetailedItemDataThis class is the data only representation of a QgsDetailedItemWidget, designed to be used in custom views
QgsDetailedItemDelegateA custom model/view delegate that can display an icon, heading and detail sections
QgsDetailedItemWidgetA widget renderer for detailed item views
QgsDiagramBase class for all diagram types
QgsDiagramRendererV2Returns diagram settings for a feature
QgsDistanceAreaGeneral purpose distance and area calculator
QgsDoubleBoxScaleBarStyleDouble box with alternating colors
QgsEncodingFileDialogA file dialog which lets the user select the preferred encoding type for a data provider
QgsExceptionDefines a qgis exception class
QgsFeatureThe feature class encapsulates a single feature including its id, geometry and a list of field/values attributes
QgsFetchJoinInfoJoin information prepared for fast attribute id mapping in QgsVectorLayerJoinBuffer::updateFeatureAttributes()
QgsFieldEncapsulate a field in an attribute table or data source
QgsFileDropEditA line edit for capturing file names that can have files dropped onto it via drag & drop
QgsFormAnnotationItemAn annotation item that embedds a designer form showing the feature attribute
QgsFreakOutShaderA colorful false color shader that will frighten your granny and make your dogs howl
QgsGenericProjectionSelectorA generic dialog to prompt the user for a Coordinate Reference System
QgsGeometryA geometry is the spatial representation of a feature
QgsGeometryAnalyzerThe QGis class provides vector geometry analysis functions
QgsGraduatedSymbolRendererThis class contains the information for graduate symbol rendering
QgsGridFileWriterA class that does interpolation to a grid and writes the results to an ascii grid
QgsHttpTransactionHTTP request/response manager that is redirect-aware
QgsInterpolatorInterface class for interpolations
QgsLabelA class to render labels
QgsLabelAttributesA class to store attributes needed for label rendering
QgsLabelingEngineInterfaceLabeling engine interface
QgsLabelSearchTreeA class to query the labeling structure at a given point (small wraper around pal RTree class)
QgsLegendInterfaceQgsLegendInterface Abstract base class to make QgsLegend available to plugins
QgsLegendModelA model that provides group, layer and classification items
QgsLinearMinMaxEnhancementA color enhancement function that performs a linear enhanceContrast between min and max
QgsLinearMinMaxEnhancementWithClipA linear enhanceContrast enhancement that first clips to min max and then enhanceContrastes linearly between min and max
QgsLoggerQgsLogger is a class to print debug/warning/error messages to the console
QgsMapCanvasMap canvas is a class for displaying all GIS data types on a canvas
QgsMapCanvasItemAn abstract class for items that can be placed on the map canvas
QgsMapCanvasLayerA class that stores visibility and presence in overview flags together with pointer to the layer
QgsMapCanvasMapA rectangular graphics item representing the map on the canvas
QgsMapCanvasSnapperThis class reads the snapping properties from the current project and configures a QgsSnapper to perform the snapping
QgsMapLayerBase class for all map layer types
QgsMapLayerRegistryThis class tracks map layers that are currently loaded and provides a means to fetch a pointer to a map layer and delete it
QgsMapOverviewCanvasA widget that displays an overview map
QgsMapRendererA non GUI class for rendering a map layer set onto a QPainter
QgsMapTipA maptip is a class to display a tip on a map canvas when a mouse is hovered over a feature
QgsMapToolAbstract base class for all map tools
QgsMapToolEmitPointA map tool that simply emits a point when clicking on the map
QgsMapToolPanA map tool for panning the map
QgsMapToolZoomA map tool for zooming into the map
QgsMapToPixelPerform transforms between map coordinates and device coordinates
QgsMarkerCatalogueCatalogue of point symbols
QgsMessageOutputInterface for showing messages from QGIS in GUI independent way
QgsMessageOutputConsoleDefault implementation of message output interface
QgsMessageViewerA generic message view for displaying QGIS messages
QgsNineCellFilterBase class for raster analysis methods that work with a 3x3 cell filter and calculate the value of each cell based on \ the cell value and the eight neighbour cells
QgsNumericScaleBarStyleA scale bar style that draws text in the form of '1:XXXXX'
QgsOverlayAnalyzerThe QGis class provides vector overlay analysis functions
QgsOverlayObjectAn object that holds information about the position and bounding box size of an overlay object
QgsOverlayObjectPositionManagerInterface for classes that arrange overlay objects of different layers on the map
QgsPALGeometryA class to make the QGIS geometries known to the PAL library (PAL works on geos geometry)
QgsPALObjectPositionManagerA class that uses the PAL library for overlay object placement
QgsPanningWidgetWidget that serves as rectangle showing current extent in overview
QgsPaperItemItem representing the paper
QgsPluginLayerBase class for plugin layers
QgsPluginLayerRegistryRegistry of plugin layers types
QgsPluginLayerTypeClass for creating plugin specific layers
QgsPointA class to represent a point geometry
QgsProjectReads and writes project states
QgsProjectBadLayerDefaultHandlerDefault bad layer handler which ignores any missing layers
QgsProjectBadLayerGuiHandlerHandler for missing layers within project
QgsProjectBadLayerHandlerInterface for classes that handle missing layer files when reading project file
QgsProjectFileTransformClass to convert from older project file versions to newer
QgsProjectionSelectorA widget for selecting a Coordinate reference system from a tree
QgsProjectVersionA class to describe the version of a project
QgsPropertyAn Abstract Base Class for QGIS project property hierarchies
QgsPropertyKeyQgsPropertyKey node
QgsPropertyValueQgsPropertyValue node
QgsProviderCountCalcEventA custom event that is designed to be fired when a layer count has been fully calculated
QgsProviderExtentCalcEventA custom event that is designed to be fired when a layer extent has been fully calculated
QgsProviderMetadataHolds data provider key, description, and associated shared library file information
QgsProviderRegistryA registry / canonical manager of data providers
QgsPseudoColorShaderA raster color shader that highlighs low values in blue and high values in red
QgsQuickPrintA convenience class for quickly printing a map
QgsRasterBandStatsThe RasterBandStats struct is a container for statistics about a single raster band
QgsRasterCalculatorRaster calculator class
QgsRasterDataProviderBase class for raster data providers
QgsRasterImageBufferA class encapsulates reading from a raster band and drawing the pixels to a painter
QgsRasterLayerThis class provides qgis with the ability to render raster datasets onto the mapcanvas
QgsRasterPyramidThis struct is used to store pyramid info for the raster layer
QgsRasterShaderInterface for all raster shaders
QgsRasterShaderFunctionThe raster shade function applies a shader to a pixel at render time - typically used to render grayscale images as false color
QgsRasterTransparencyDefines the list of pixel values to be considered as transparent or semi transparent when rendering rasters
QgsRasterViewPortThis class provides details of the viewable area that a raster will be rendered into
QgsRectangleA rectangle specified with double values
QgsRenderContextContains information about the context of a rendering operation
QgsRendererAbstract base class for renderers
QgsRendererPluginInterface class for renderer plugins
QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadataStores metadata about one renderer class
QgsRendererV2MetadataConvenience metadata class that uses static functions to create renderer and its widget
QgsRendererV2RegistryRegistry of renderers
QgsRubberBandA class for drawing transient features (e.g
QgsRuggednessFilterCalculates the ruggedness index based on a 3x3 moving window
QgsRuleBasedRendererV2When drawing a vector layer with rule-based renderer, it goes through the rules and draws features with symbols from rules that match
QgsRunProcessA class that executes an external program/script
QgsScaleBarStyleAbstraction of composer scale bar style
QgsScaleCalculatorCalculates scale for a given combination of canvas size, map extent, and monitor dpi
QgsSearchQueryBuilderQuery Builder for search strings
QgsSearchStringA class to represent a search string
QgsSearchTreeNodeA representation of a node in a search tree
QgsSingleBoxScaleBarStyleScalebar style that draws a single box with alternating color for the segments
QgsSingleCategoryDiagramRendererRenders the diagrams for all features with the same settings
QgsSingleSymbolRendererRender class to display all the features with a single QgsSymbol
QgsSlopeFilterCalculates slope values in a window of 3x3 cells based on first order derivatives in x- and y- directions
QgsSnapperA class that allows advanced snapping operations on a set of vector layers
QgsSnappingResultRepresents the result of a snapping operation
QgsSVGFillSymbolLayerA class for svg fill patterns
QgsSymbolEncapsulates settings for drawing (QPen, QBrush, Point symbol) and classification (lower value, upper value)
QgsSymbolLayerV2AbstractMetadataStores metadata about one symbol layer class
QgsSymbolLayerV2MetadataConvenience metadata class that uses static functions to create symbol layer and its widget
QgsSymbolLayerV2RegistryRegistry of available symbol layer classes
QgsTextAnnotationItemAn annotation item that displays formated text
QgsTicksScaleBarStyleA scale bar that draws segments using short ticks
QgsTINInterpolatorInterpolation in a triangular irregular network
QgsToleranceThis is the class is providing tolerance value in map unit values
QgsTotalCurvatureFilterCalculates total curvature as described by Wilson, Gallant (2000): terrain analysis
QgsUndoCommandClass to support universal undo command sequence for application, basic for
QgsVectorA class to represent a vector
QgsVectorDataProviderThis is the base class for vector data providers
QgsVectorFileWriterA convenience class for writing vector files to disk
QgsVectorLayerVector layer backed by a data source provider
QgsVectorLayerJoinBufferManages joined field for a vector layer
QgsVectorOverlayBase class for vector layer overlays (e.g
QgsVectorOverlayPluginInterface class for vector overlay plugins
QgsVertexMarkerA class for marking vertices of features using e.g
QgsZonalStatisticsA class that calculates raster statistics (count, sum, mean) for a polygon or multipolygon layer and appends the results as attributes
QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::RuleThis class keeps data about a rules for rule-based renderer
TriangleInterpolatorThis is an interface for interpolator classes for triangulations
TriangulationInterface for Triangulation classes
TriDecoratorDecorator class for Triangulations (s
Vector3DClass Vector3D represents a 3D-Vector, capable to store x-,y- and z-coordinates in double values
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