QGIS API Documentation 3.39.0-Master (73c886ac97c)
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QgsIntRange Member List

This is the complete list of members for QgsIntRange, including all inherited members.

contains(const QgsRange< int > &other) constQgsRange< int >inline
contains(int element) constQgsRange< int >inline
includeLower() constQgsRange< int >inline
includeUpper() constQgsRange< int >inline
isEmpty() constQgsRange< int >inline
isInfinite() constQgsIntRangeinline
isSingleton() constQgsRange< int >inline
lower() constQgsRange< int >inline
mIncludeLowerQgsRange< int >protected
mIncludeUpperQgsRange< int >protected
mLowerQgsRange< int >protected
mUpperQgsRange< int >protected
operator!=(const QgsRange< int > &other) constQgsRange< int >inline
operator==(const QgsRange< int > &other) constQgsRange< int >inline
overlaps(const QgsRange< int > &other) constQgsRange< int >inline
QgsIntRange(int lower, int upper, Qgis::RangeLimits limits)QgsIntRangeinline
QgsIntRange(int lower=std::numeric_limits< int >::lowest(), int upper=std::numeric_limits< int >::max(), bool includeLower=true, bool includeUpper=true)QgsIntRangeinline
QgsRange(int lower, int upper, bool includeLower=true, bool includeUpper=true)QgsRange< int >inline
QgsRange(int lower, int upper, Qgis::RangeLimits limits)QgsRange< int >inline
rangeLimits() constQgsRange< int >inline
upper() constQgsRange< int >inline