QGIS API Documentation  3.4.15-Madeira (e83d02e274)
qgsattributeeditorelement.h File Reference
#include "qgis_core.h"
#include "qgsrelation.h"
#include "qgsoptionalexpression.h"
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class  QgsAttributeEditorContainer
 This is a container for attribute editors, used to group them visually in the attribute form if it is set to the drag and drop designer. More...
class  QgsAttributeEditorElement
 This is an abstract base class for any elements of a drag and drop form. More...
class  QgsAttributeEditorField
 This element will load a field's widget onto the form. More...
class  QgsAttributeEditorQmlElement
 An attribute editor widget that will represent arbitrary QML code. More...
class  QgsAttributeEditorRelation
 This element will load a relation editor onto the form. More...