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QgsPoint Member List

This is the complete list of members for QgsPoint, including all inherited members.

azimuth(const QgsPoint &other)QgsPoint
multiply(const double &scalar)QgsPoint
onSegment(const QgsPoint &a, const QgsPoint &b) const QgsPoint
operator!=(const QgsPoint &other) const QgsPoint
operator+(const QgsVector &v) const QgsPointinline
operator+=(const QgsVector &v)QgsPointinline
operator-(QgsPoint p) const QgsPointinline
operator-(const QgsVector &v) const QgsPointinline
operator-=(const QgsVector &v)QgsPointinline
operator=(const QgsPoint &other)QgsPoint
operator==(const QgsPoint &other)QgsPoint
QgsPoint(const QgsPoint &p)QgsPoint
QgsPoint(double x, double y)QgsPointinline
set(double x, double y)QgsPointinline
setX(double x)QgsPointinline
setY(double y)QgsPointinline
sqrDist(double x, double y) const QgsPoint
sqrDist(const QgsPoint &other) const QgsPoint
sqrDistToSegment(double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, QgsPoint &minDistPoint, double epsilon=DEFAULT_SEGMENT_EPSILON) const QgsPoint
toDegreesMinutes(int thePrecision) const QgsPoint
toDegreesMinutesSeconds(int thePrecision) const QgsPoint
toString() const QgsPoint
toString(int thePrecision) const QgsPoint
wellKnownText() const QgsPoint
x() const QgsPointinline
y() const QgsPointinline