Quantum GIS API Documentation  1.8
Deprecated List
Member QgisInterface::refreshLegend (QgsMapLayer *l)=0
use QgsLegendInterface::refreshLayerSymbology
Member QgsApplication::developerPath ()
images are not provided anymore :-P
Member QgsApplication::svgPath ()
since 1.4 - use svgPaths()
Member QgsAttributeAction::doAction (int index, const QgsAttributeMap &attributes, int defaultValueIndex=0, void(*executePython)(const QString &)=0)
Member QgsAttributeAction::setPythonExecute (void(*)(const QString &))
Initialize QgsPythonRunner instead
Member QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem::createFromEpsg (const long theEpsg)
use createFromOgcWmsCrs()
Member QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem::epsg () const
there are other authorities - use authid()
Member QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem::equals (QString theProj4String)
in 1.8 as the same proj.4 string not necessarily means the same CRS
Member QgsLabel::layerAttributes (void)
in version 2 as it is badly named. Rather use attributes.
Member QgsLabel::renderLabel (QPainter *painter, const QgsRectangle &viewExtent, QgsCoordinateTransform *coordinateTransform, const QgsMapToPixel *transform, QgsFeature &feature, bool selected, QgsLabelAttributes *classAttributes=0, double sizeScale=1., double rasterScaleFactor=1.0)
Member QgsMapCanvas::canvasPixmap ()
use canvasPaintDevice()
Class QgsMapCanvas::CanvasProperties
to be deleted, stuff from here should be moved elsewhere
Member QgsMapCanvasMap::pixmap ()
Please use paintDevice() function which is also save in case QImage is used
Member QgsMapLayer::getLayerID () const
use id()
Member QgsMapLayer::srs ()
use crs()
Member QgsMapRenderer::distanceArea ()
Member QgsOverlayObject::getGeosGeometry ()
Please use geometry() and QgsGeometry::asGeos instead
Member QgsOverlayObject::releaseGeosGeometry (GEOSGeometry *the_geom)
Member QgsRasterLayer::providerKey () const
use providerType()
Member QgsRasterLayer::usesProvider ()
in 2.0
Member QgsSearchTreeNode::checkAgainst (const QgsFieldMap &fields, const QgsAttributeMap &attributes, QgsGeometry *geom=0)
Member QgsSearchTreeNode::getValue (QgsSearchTreeValue &value, QgsSearchTreeNode *node, const QgsFieldMap &fields, const QgsAttributeMap &attributes, QgsGeometry *geom=0)
Member QgsSearchTreeNode::valueAgainst (const QgsFieldMap &fields, const QgsAttributeMap &attributes, QgsGeometry *geom=0)
Member QgsVectorDataProvider::addAttributes (const QMap< QString, QString > &attributes)
Member QgsVectorDataProvider::supportedNativeTypes () const
use nativeTypes()
Member QgsVectorFileWriter::writeAsShapefile (QgsVectorLayer *layer, const QString &shapefileName, const QString &fileEncoding, const QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem *destCRS, bool onlySelected=false, QString *errorMessage=0, const QStringList &datasourceOptions=QStringList(), const QStringList &layerOptions=QStringList())
Use writeAsVectorFormat instead
Member QgsVectorLayer::addAttribute (QString name, QString type)
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