Quantum GIS API Documentation  1.8
QgsField Member List
This is the complete list of members for QgsField, including all inherited members.
comment() const QgsField
length() const QgsField
mCommentQgsField [private]
mLengthQgsField [private]
mNameQgsField [private]
mPrecisionQgsField [private]
mTypeQgsField [private]
mTypeNameQgsField [private]
name() const QgsField
operator==(const QgsField &other) const QgsField
precision() const QgsField
QgsField(QString name=QString(), QVariant::Type type=QVariant::Invalid, QString typeName=QString(), int len=0, int prec=0, QString comment=QString())QgsField
setComment(const QString &comment)QgsField
setLength(int len)QgsField
setName(const QString &nam)QgsField
setPrecision(int prec)QgsField
setType(QVariant::Type type)QgsField
setTypeName(const QString &typ)QgsField
type() const QgsField
typeName() const QgsField
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