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1 /***************************************************************************
2  qgslinestringv2.h
3  -----------------
4  begin : September 2014
5  copyright : (C) 2014 by Marco Hugentobler
6  email : marco at sourcepole dot ch
7  ***************************************************************************/
9 /***************************************************************************
10  * *
11  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
12  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
13  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
14  * (at your option) any later version. *
15  * *
16  ***************************************************************************/
21 #include "qgscurvev2.h"
22 #include "qgswkbptr.h"
23 #include <QPolygonF>
25 /***************************************************************************
26  * This class is considered CRITICAL and any change MUST be accompanied with
27  * full unit tests in testqgsgeometry.cpp.
28  * See details in QEP #17
29  ****************************************************************************/
36 class CORE_EXPORT QgsLineStringV2: public QgsCurveV2
37 {
38  public:
40  ~QgsLineStringV2();
42  bool operator==( const QgsCurveV2& other ) const override;
43  bool operator!=( const QgsCurveV2& other ) const override;
48  QgsPointV2 pointN( int i ) const;
55  double xAt( int index ) const;
62  double yAt( int index ) const;
70  double zAt( int index ) const;
78  double mAt( int index ) const;
86  void setXAt( int index, double x );
94  void setYAt( int index, double y );
102  void setZAt( int index, double z );
110  void setMAt( int index, double m );
116  void setPoints( const QgsPointSequenceV2 &points );
121  void append( const QgsLineStringV2* line );
126  void addVertex( const QgsPointV2& pt );
129  void close();
133  QPolygonF asQPolygonF() const;
135  //reimplemented methods
137  virtual QString geometryType() const override { return "LineString"; }
138  virtual int dimension() const override { return 1; }
139  virtual QgsLineStringV2* clone() const override;
140  virtual void clear() override;
142  virtual bool fromWkb( QgsConstWkbPtr wkb ) override;
143  virtual bool fromWkt( const QString& wkt ) override;
145  int wkbSize() const override;
146  unsigned char* asWkb( int& binarySize ) const override;
147  QString asWkt( int precision = 17 ) const override;
148  QDomElement asGML2( QDomDocument& doc, int precision = 17, const QString& ns = "gml" ) const override;
149  QDomElement asGML3( QDomDocument& doc, int precision = 17, const QString& ns = "gml" ) const override;
150  QString asJSON( int precision = 17 ) const override;
152  //curve interface
153  virtual double length() const override;
154  virtual QgsPointV2 startPoint() const override;
155  virtual QgsPointV2 endPoint() const override;
156  virtual QgsLineStringV2* curveToLine() const override;
158  int numPoints() const override;
159  void points( QgsPointSequenceV2 &pt ) const override;
161  void draw( QPainter& p ) const override;
164  void transform( const QTransform& t ) override;
166  void addToPainterPath( QPainterPath& path ) const override;
167  void drawAsPolygon( QPainter& p ) const override;
169  virtual bool insertVertex( QgsVertexId position, const QgsPointV2& vertex ) override;
170  virtual bool moveVertex( QgsVertexId position, const QgsPointV2& newPos ) override;
171  virtual bool deleteVertex( QgsVertexId position ) override;
173  virtual QgsLineStringV2* reversed() const override;
175  double closestSegment( const QgsPointV2& pt, QgsPointV2& segmentPt, QgsVertexId& vertexAfter, bool* leftOf, double epsilon ) const override;
176  bool pointAt( int node, QgsPointV2& point, QgsVertexId::VertexType& type ) const override;
178  virtual QgsPointV2 centroid() const override;
180  void sumUpArea( double& sum ) const override;
181  double vertexAngle( QgsVertexId vertex ) const override;
183  virtual bool addZValue( double zValue = 0 ) override;
184  virtual bool addMValue( double mValue = 0 ) override;
186  virtual bool dropZValue() override;
187  virtual bool dropMValue() override;
189  bool convertTo( QgsWKBTypes::Type type ) override;
191  protected:
193  virtual QgsRectangle calculateBoundingBox() const override;
195  private:
196  QVector<double> mX;
197  QVector<double> mY;
198  QVector<double> mZ;
199  QVector<double> mM;
201  void importVerticesFromWkb( const QgsConstWkbPtr& wkb );
207  void fromWkbPoints( QgsWKBTypes::Type type, const QgsConstWkbPtr& wkb );
209  friend class QgsPolygonV2;
211 };
213 #endif // QGSLINESTRINGV2_H
static unsigned index
A rectangle specified with double values.
Definition: qgsrectangle.h:35
virtual bool dropMValue()=0
Drops any measure values which exist in the geometry.
virtual bool operator==(const QgsCurveV2 &other) const =0
virtual QgsPointV2 centroid() const
Returns the centroid of the geometry.
virtual int dimension() const override
Returns the inherent dimension of the geometry.
virtual double length() const
Returns the length of the geometry.
Enum used to indicate the direction (forward or inverse) of the transform.
virtual QString asJSON(int precision=17) const =0
Returns a GeoJSON representation of the geometry.
virtual void addToPainterPath(QPainterPath &path) const =0
Adds a curve to a painter path.
virtual bool dropZValue()=0
Drops any z-dimensions which exist in the geometry.
virtual QgsCurveV2 * clone() const override=0
Clones the geometry by performing a deep copy.
virtual int wkbSize() const =0
Returns the size of the WKB representation of the geometry.
virtual bool addMValue(double mValue=0)=0
Adds a measure to the geometry, initialized to a preset value.
virtual void clear()=0
Clears the geometry, ie reset it to a null geometry.
virtual int numPoints() const =0
Returns the number of points in the curve.
Polygon geometry type.
Definition: qgspolygonv2.h:29
virtual QgsCurveV2 * reversed() const =0
Returns a reversed copy of the curve, where the direction of the curve has been flipped.
Utility class for identifying a unique vertex within a geometry.
Line string geometry type, with support for z-dimension and m-values.
virtual QgsRectangle calculateBoundingBox() const
Default calculator for the minimal bounding box for the geometry.
virtual bool fromWkb(QgsConstWkbPtr wkb)=0
Sets the geometry from a WKB string.
Point geometry type, with support for z-dimension and m-values.
Definition: qgspointv2.h:34
virtual unsigned char * asWkb(int &binarySize) const =0
Returns a WKB representation of the geometry.
virtual void transform(const QgsCoordinateTransform &ct, QgsCoordinateTransform::TransformDirection d=QgsCoordinateTransform::ForwardTransform)=0
Transforms the geometry using a coordinate transform.
virtual bool addZValue(double zValue=0)=0
Adds a z-dimension to the geometry, initialized to a preset value.
virtual QString geometryType() const override
Returns a unique string representing the geometry type.
virtual QDomElement asGML3(QDomDocument &doc, int precision=17, const QString &ns="gml") const =0
Returns a GML3 representation of the geometry.
virtual bool fromWkt(const QString &wkt)=0
Sets the geometry from a WKT string.
virtual bool pointAt(int node, QgsPointV2 &point, QgsVertexId::VertexType &type) const =0
Returns the point and vertex id of a point within the curve.
virtual void sumUpArea(double &sum) const =0
Calculates the area of the curve.
virtual bool convertTo(QgsWKBTypes::Type type)
Converts the geometry to a specified type.
virtual double vertexAngle(QgsVertexId vertex) const =0
Returns approximate angle at a vertex.
virtual QgsLineStringV2 * curveToLine() const =0
Returns a new line string geometry corresponding to a segmentized approximation of the curve...
virtual QgsPointV2 endPoint() const =0
Returns the end point of the curve.
virtual bool deleteVertex(QgsVertexId position)=0
Deletes a vertex within the geometry.
virtual bool insertVertex(QgsVertexId position, const QgsPointV2 &vertex)=0
Inserts a vertex into the geometry.
virtual bool operator!=(const QgsCurveV2 &other) const =0
Class for doing transforms between two map coordinate systems.
virtual QString asWkt(int precision=17) const =0
Returns a WKT representation of the geometry.
virtual QgsPointV2 startPoint() const =0
Returns the starting point of the curve.
virtual void draw(QPainter &p) const =0
Draws the geometry using the specified QPainter.
virtual void drawAsPolygon(QPainter &p) const =0
Draws the curve as a polygon on the specified QPainter.
double ANALYSIS_EXPORT leftOf(Point3D *thepoint, Point3D *p1, Point3D *p2)
Returns whether &#39;thepoint&#39; is left or right of the line from &#39;p1&#39; to &#39;p2&#39;.
virtual QDomElement asGML2(QDomDocument &doc, int precision=17, const QString &ns="gml") const =0
Returns a GML2 representation of the geometry.
Abstract base class for curved geometry type.
Definition: qgscurvev2.h:32
virtual bool moveVertex(QgsVertexId position, const QgsPointV2 &newPos)=0
Moves a vertex within the geometry.
virtual double closestSegment(const QgsPointV2 &pt, QgsPointV2 &segmentPt, QgsVertexId &vertexAfter, bool *leftOf, double epsilon) const =0
Searches for the closest segment of the geometry to a given point.
virtual void points(QgsPointSequenceV2 &pt) const =0
Returns a list of points within the curve.