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1 /***************************************************************************
2  TriDecorator.h - description
3  -------------------
4  copyright : (C) 2004 by Marco Hugentobler
5  email : mhugent@geo.unizh.ch
6  ***************************************************************************/
8 /***************************************************************************
9  * *
10  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
11  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
12  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
13  * (at your option) any later version. *
14  * *
15  ***************************************************************************/
20 #include "Triangulation.h"
23 class ANALYSIS_EXPORT TriDecorator : public Triangulation
24 {
25  public:
26  TriDecorator();
27  explicit TriDecorator( Triangulation* t );
28  virtual ~TriDecorator();
29  virtual void addLine( Line3D* line, bool breakline ) override;
30  virtual int addPoint( Point3D* p ) override;
32  virtual void addTriangulation( Triangulation* t );
34  virtual void performConsistencyTest() override;
35  virtual bool calcNormal( double x, double y, Vector3D* result ) override;
36  virtual bool calcPoint( double x, double y, Point3D* result ) override;
37  virtual Point3D* getPoint( unsigned int i ) const override;
38  virtual int getNumberOfPoints() const override;
39  bool getTriangle( double x, double y, Point3D* p1, int* n1, Point3D* p2, int* n2, Point3D* p3, int* n3 ) override;
40  bool getTriangle( double x, double y, Point3D* p1, Point3D* p2, Point3D* p3 ) override;
41  virtual int getOppositePoint( int p1, int p2 ) override;
42  virtual QList<int>* getSurroundingTriangles( int pointno ) override;
43  virtual double getXMax() const override;
44  virtual double getXMin() const override;
45  virtual double getYMax() const override;
46  virtual double getYMin() const override;
48  virtual void setEdgeColor( int r, int g, int b ) override;
49  virtual void setForcedEdgeColor( int r, int g, int b ) override;
50  virtual void setBreakEdgeColor( int r, int g, int b ) override;
51  virtual void setTriangleInterpolator( TriangleInterpolator* interpolator ) override;
52  virtual void eliminateHorizontalTriangles() override;
53  virtual void ruppertRefinement() override;
54  virtual bool pointInside( double x, double y ) override;
55  virtual bool swapEdge( double x, double y ) override;
56  virtual QList<int>* getPointsAroundEdge( double x, double y ) override;
57  protected:
60 };
62 inline TriDecorator::TriDecorator(): mTIN( nullptr )
63 {
65 }
68 {
70 }
73 {
75 }
78 {
79  mTIN = t;
80 }
82 #endif
virtual int addPoint(Point3D *p)=0
Adds a point to the triangulation Ownership is transferred to this class.
virtual bool swapEdge(double x, double y)=0
Reads the content of a taff-file.
virtual void setBreakEdgeColor(int r, int g, int b)=0
Sets the color of the breaklines.
virtual void addTriangulation(Triangulation *t)
Adds an association to a triangulation.
Definition: TriDecorator.h:77
virtual double getYMax() const =0
Returns the largest y-coordinate value of the bounding box.
Triangulation * mTIN
Association with a Triangulation object.
Definition: TriDecorator.h:59
virtual void setEdgeColor(int r, int g, int b)=0
Sets the color of the normal edges.
virtual double getXMax() const =0
Returns the largest x-coordinate value of the bounding box.
virtual bool calcPoint(double x, double y, Point3D *result)=0
Calculates x-, y and z-value of the point on the surface and assigns it to &#39;result&#39;.
virtual void performConsistencyTest()=0
Performs a consistency check, remove this later.
virtual void ruppertRefinement()=0
Adds points to make the triangles better shaped (algorithm of ruppert)
This class represents a line.
Definition: Line3D.h:24
Enumeration describing the behaviour, if two forced lines cross.
Definition: Triangulation.h:31
virtual bool pointInside(double x, double y)=0
Returns true, if the point with coordinates x and y is inside the convex hull and false otherwise...
Point3D is a class to represent a three dimensional point.
Definition: Point3D.h:23
Class Vector3D represents a 3D-Vector, capable to store x-,y- and z-coordinates in double values...
Definition: Vector3D.h:22
This is an interface for interpolator classes for triangulations.
virtual QList< int > * getSurroundingTriangles(int pointno)=0
Returns a pointer to a value list with the information of the triangles surrounding (counterclockwise...
virtual int getNumberOfPoints() const =0
Returns the number of points.
virtual void addLine(Line3D *line, bool breakline)=0
Adds a line (e.g.
virtual void setForcedEdgeColor(int r, int g, int b)=0
Sets the color of the forced edges.
Interface for Triangulation classes.
Definition: Triangulation.h:27
virtual void setForcedCrossBehaviour(Triangulation::forcedCrossBehaviour b)=0
Draws the points, edges and the forced lines.
virtual double getXMin() const =0
Returns the smallest x-coordinate value of the bounding box.
Decorator class for Triangulations (s.
Definition: TriDecorator.h:23
virtual bool calcNormal(double x, double y, Vector3D *result)=0
Calculates the normal at a point on the surface and assigns it to &#39;result&#39;.
virtual bool getTriangle(double x, double y, Point3D *p1, int *n1, Point3D *p2, int *n2, Point3D *p3, int *n3)=0
Finds out in which triangle the point with coordinates x and y is and assigns the numbers of the vert...
virtual QList< int > * getPointsAroundEdge(double x, double y)=0
Returns a value list with the numbers of the four points, which would be affected by an edge swap...
virtual double getYMin() const =0
Returns the smallest x-coordinate value of the bounding box.
virtual void eliminateHorizontalTriangles()=0
Eliminates the horizontal triangles by swapping.
virtual Point3D * getPoint(unsigned int i) const =0
Returns a pointer to the point with number i.
virtual ~TriDecorator()
Definition: TriDecorator.h:72
virtual int getOppositePoint(int p1, int p2)=0
Returns the number of the point opposite to the triangle points p1, p2 (which have to be on a halfedg...
virtual void setTriangleInterpolator(TriangleInterpolator *interpolator)=0
Sets an interpolator object.