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1 /***************************************************************************
2  qgsgeometrycollectionv2.h
3  -------------------------------------------------------------------
4 Date : 28 Oct 2014
5 Copyright : (C) 2014 by Marco Hugentobler
6 email : marco.hugentobler at sourcepole dot com
7  ***************************************************************************
8  * *
9  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
10  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
11  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
12  * (at your option) any later version. *
13  * *
14  ***************************************************************************/
19 #include "qgsabstractgeometryv2.h"
20 #include <QVector>
29 {
30  public:
34  virtual ~QgsGeometryCollectionV2();
36  virtual QgsAbstractGeometryV2* clone() const override;
40  int numGeometries() const;
45  const QgsAbstractGeometryV2* geometryN( int n ) const;
50  QgsAbstractGeometryV2* geometryN( int n );
52  //methods inherited from QgsAbstractGeometry
53  virtual int dimension() const override;
54  virtual QString geometryType() const override { return "GeometryCollection"; }
55  virtual void clear() override;
58  virtual bool addGeometry( QgsAbstractGeometryV2* g );
64  virtual bool removeGeometry( int nr );
66  virtual void transform( const QgsCoordinateTransform& ct ) override;
67  void transform( const QTransform& t ) override;
68 #if 0
69  virtual void clip( const QgsRectangle& rect ) override;
70 #endif
71  virtual void draw( QPainter& p ) const override;
73  bool fromWkb( const unsigned char * wkb ) override;
74  virtual bool fromWkt( const QString& wkt ) override;
75  int wkbSize() const override;
76  unsigned char* asWkb( int& binarySize ) const override;
77  QString asWkt( int precision = 17 ) const override;
78  QDomElement asGML2( QDomDocument& doc, int precision = 17, const QString& ns = "gml" ) const override;
79  QDomElement asGML3( QDomDocument& doc, int precision = 17, const QString& ns = "gml" ) const override;
80  QString asJSON( int precision = 17 ) const override;
82  virtual QgsRectangle calculateBoundingBox() const override;
84  virtual void coordinateSequence( QList< QList< QList< QgsPointV2 > > >& coord ) const override;
85  virtual double closestSegment( const QgsPointV2& pt, QgsPointV2& segmentPt, QgsVertexId& vertexAfter, bool* leftOf, double epsilon ) const override;
86  bool nextVertex( QgsVertexId& id, QgsPointV2& vertex ) const override;
88  //low-level editing
89  virtual bool insertVertex( const QgsVertexId& position, const QgsPointV2& vertex ) override;
90  virtual bool moveVertex( const QgsVertexId& position, const QgsPointV2& newPos ) override;
91  virtual bool deleteVertex( const QgsVertexId& position ) override;
93  virtual double length() const override;
94  virtual double area() const override;
96  bool hasCurvedSegments() const override;
99  QgsAbstractGeometryV2* segmentize() const override;
101  protected:
106  bool fromCollectionWkt( const QString &wkt, const QList<QgsAbstractGeometryV2*>& subtypes, const QString& defaultChildWkbType = QString() );
108 };
A rectangle specified with double values.
Definition: qgsrectangle.h:35
virtual QgsAbstractGeometryV2 & operator=(const QgsAbstractGeometryV2 &geom)
virtual bool moveVertex(const QgsVertexId &position, const QgsPointV2 &newPos)=0
Moves a vertex within the geometry.
virtual double length() const
Returns the length (or perimeter for area geometries) of the geometry.
virtual QString asJSON(int precision=17) const =0
Returns a GeoJSON representation of the geometry.
Abstract base class for all geometries.
virtual int wkbSize() const =0
Returns the size of the WKB representation of the geometry.
virtual bool insertVertex(const QgsVertexId &position, const QgsPointV2 &vertex)=0
Inserts a vertex into the geometry.
virtual void clear()=0
Clears the geometry, ie reset it to a null geometry.
Utility class for identifying a unique vertex within a geometry.
virtual QgsRectangle calculateBoundingBox() const
Calculates the minimal bounding box for the geometry.
virtual bool fromWkb(const unsigned char *wkb)=0
Sets the geometry from a WKB string.
Point geometry type.
Definition: qgspointv2.h:29
virtual bool hasCurvedSegments() const
Returns true if the geometry contains curved segments.
virtual unsigned char * asWkb(int &binarySize) const =0
Returns a WKB representation of the geometry.
virtual QDomElement asGML3(QDomDocument &doc, int precision=17, const QString &ns="gml") const =0
Returns a GML3 representation of the geometry.
virtual bool nextVertex(QgsVertexId &id, QgsPointV2 &vertex) const =0
Returns next vertex id and coordinates.
virtual bool fromWkt(const QString &wkt)=0
Sets the geometry from a WKT string.
virtual QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * segmentize() const
Returns a version of the geometry without curves.
QVector< QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * > mGeometries
virtual bool deleteVertex(const QgsVertexId &position)=0
Deletes a vertex within the geometry.
virtual void transform(const QgsCoordinateTransform &ct)=0
Transforms the geometry using a coordinate transform.
virtual int dimension() const =0
Returns the inherent dimension of the geometry.
virtual double area() const
Returns the area of the geometry.
virtual void coordinateSequence(QList< QList< QList< QgsPointV2 > > > &coord) const =0
Retrieves the sequence of geometries, rings and nodes.
Class for doing transforms between two map coordinate systems.
virtual QString asWkt(int precision=17) const =0
Returns a WKT representation of the geometry.
virtual QString geometryType() const override
Returns a unique string representing the geometry type.
virtual void draw(QPainter &p) const =0
Draws the geometry using the specified QPainter.
double ANALYSIS_EXPORT leftOf(Point3D *thepoint, Point3D *p1, Point3D *p2)
Returns whether 'thepoint' is left or right of the line from 'p1' to 'p2'.
virtual QDomElement asGML2(QDomDocument &doc, int precision=17, const QString &ns="gml") const =0
Returns a GML2 representation of the geometry.
virtual QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * clone() const =0
Clones the geometry by performing a deep copy.
virtual double closestSegment(const QgsPointV2 &pt, QgsPointV2 &segmentPt, QgsVertexId &vertexAfter, bool *leftOf, double epsilon) const =0
Searches for the closest segment of the geometry to a given point.