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QgsGeometryFactory Class Reference

Contains geometry creation routines. More...

#include <qgsgeometryfactory.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static QgsAbstractGeometryV2fromMultiPoint (const QgsMultiPoint &multipoint)
 construct geometry from a multipoint More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2fromMultiPolygon (const QgsMultiPolygon &multipoly)
 construct geometry from a multipolygon More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2fromMultiPolyline (const QgsMultiPolyline &multiline)
 construct geometry from a multipolyline More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2fromPoint (const QgsPoint &point)
 construct geometry from a point More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2fromPolygon (const QgsPolygon &polygon)
 construct geometry from a polygon More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2fromPolyline (const QgsPolyline &polyline)
 construct geometry from a polyline More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2fromRect (const QgsRectangle &rect)
 construct geometry from a rectangle More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2geomFromWkb (const unsigned char *wkb)
 Construct geometry from a WKB string. More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2geomFromWkbType (QgsWKBTypes::Type t)
 return empty geometry from wkb type More...
static QgsAbstractGeometryV2geomFromWkt (const QString &text)
 Construct geometry from a WKT string. More...

Detailed Description

Contains geometry creation routines.

added in QGIS 2.10
this API is not considered stable and may change for 2.12

Definition at line 42 of file qgsgeometryfactory.h.

Member Function Documentation

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::fromMultiPoint ( const QgsMultiPoint multipoint)

construct geometry from a multipoint

Definition at line 120 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::fromMultiPolygon ( const QgsMultiPolygon multipoly)

construct geometry from a multipolygon

Definition at line 170 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::fromMultiPolyline ( const QgsMultiPolyline multiline)

construct geometry from a multipolyline

Definition at line 137 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::fromPoint ( const QgsPoint point)

construct geometry from a point

Definition at line 115 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::fromPolygon ( const QgsPolygon polygon)

construct geometry from a polygon

Definition at line 147 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::fromPolyline ( const QgsPolyline polyline)

construct geometry from a polyline

Definition at line 132 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::fromRect ( const QgsRectangle rect)

construct geometry from a rectangle

Definition at line 180 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::geomFromWkb ( const unsigned char *  wkb)

Construct geometry from a WKB string.

Definition at line 32 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::geomFromWkbType ( QgsWKBTypes::Type  t)

return empty geometry from wkb type

Definition at line 209 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

QgsAbstractGeometryV2 * QgsGeometryFactory::geomFromWkt ( const QString text)

Construct geometry from a WKT string.

Definition at line 53 of file qgsgeometryfactory.cpp.

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