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QgsHillshadeFilter Class Reference

#include <qgshillshadefilter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QgsHillshadeFilter (const QString &inputFile, const QString &outputFile, const QString &outputFormat, double lightAzimuth=300, double lightAngle=40)
 ~QgsHillshadeFilter ()
float processNineCellWindow (float *x11, float *x21, float *x31, float *x12, float *x22, float *x32, float *x13, float *x23, float *x33)
 Calculates output value from nine input values.
float lightAzimuth () const
void setLightAzimuth (float azimuth)
float lightAngle () const
void setLightAngle (float angle)

Private Attributes

float mLightAzimuth
float mLightAngle

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file qgshillshadefilter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsHillshadeFilter::QgsHillshadeFilter ( const QString &  inputFile,
const QString &  outputFile,
const QString &  outputFormat,
double  lightAzimuth = 300,
double  lightAngle = 40 

Definition at line 20 of file qgshillshadefilter.cpp.

Definition at line 28 of file qgshillshadefilter.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

float QgsHillshadeFilter::lightAngle ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 38 of file qgshillshadefilter.h.

float QgsHillshadeFilter::lightAzimuth ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 36 of file qgshillshadefilter.h.

float QgsHillshadeFilter::processNineCellWindow ( float *  x11,
float *  x21,
float *  x31,
float *  x12,
float *  x22,
float *  x32,
float *  x13,
float *  x23,
float *  x33 
) [virtual]

Calculates output value from nine input values.

The input values and the output value can be equal to the nodata value if not present or outside of the border. Must be implemented by subclasses

Implements QgsDerivativeFilter.

Definition at line 32 of file qgshillshadefilter.cpp.

References QgsDerivativeFilter::calcFirstDerX(), QgsDerivativeFilter::calcFirstDerY(), M_PI, mLightAngle, mLightAzimuth, and QgsNineCellFilter::mOutputNodataValue.

Referenced by QgsRelief::processNineCellWindow().

void QgsHillshadeFilter::setLightAngle ( float  angle) [inline]

Definition at line 39 of file qgshillshadefilter.h.

References MathUtils::angle().

void QgsHillshadeFilter::setLightAzimuth ( float  azimuth) [inline]

Definition at line 37 of file qgshillshadefilter.h.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 43 of file qgshillshadefilter.h.

Referenced by processNineCellWindow().

Definition at line 42 of file qgshillshadefilter.h.

Referenced by processNineCellWindow().

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