Quantum GIS API Documentation  1.8
QgsAction Member List
This is the complete list of members for QgsAction, including all inherited members.
action() const QgsAction [inline]
ActionType enum nameQgsAction
capture() const QgsAction [inline]
Generic enum valueQgsAction
GenericPython enum valueQgsAction
Mac enum valueQgsAction
mActionQgsAction [private]
mCaptureOutputQgsAction [private]
mNameQgsAction [private]
mTypeQgsAction [private]
name() const QgsAction [inline]
OpenUrl enum valueQgsAction
QgsAction(ActionType type, QString name, QString action, bool capture)QgsAction [inline]
runable() const QgsAction [inline]
type() const QgsAction [inline]
Unix enum valueQgsAction
Windows enum valueQgsAction
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