Triangulation Member List

This is the complete list of members for Triangulation, including all inherited members.

addLine(Line3D *line, bool breakline)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
addPoint(Point3D *p)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
calcNormal(double x, double y, Vector3D *result)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
calcPoint(double x, double y, Point3D *result)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
DELETE_FIRST enum valueTriangulation
eliminateHorizontalTriangles()=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
forcedCrossBehaviour enum nameTriangulation
getNumberOfPoints() const =0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getOppositePoint(int p1, int p2)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getPoint(unsigned int i) const =0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getPointsAroundEdge(double x, double y)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getSurroundingTriangles(int pointno)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getTriangle(double x, double y, Point3D *p1, int *n1, Point3D *p2, int *n2, Point3D *p3, int *n3)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getTriangle(double x, double y, Point3D *p1, Point3D *p2, Point3D *p3)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getXMax() const =0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getXMin() const =0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getYMax() const =0Triangulation [pure virtual]
getYMin() const =0Triangulation [pure virtual]
INSERT_VERTICE enum valueTriangulation
performConsistencyTest()=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
pointInside(double x, double y)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
ruppertRefinement()=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
saveAsShapefile(const QString &fileName) const =0Triangulation [pure virtual]
setBreakEdgeColor(int r, int g, int b)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
setEdgeColor(int r, int g, int b)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
setForcedCrossBehaviour(Triangulation::forcedCrossBehaviour b)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
setForcedEdgeColor(int r, int g, int b)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
setTriangleInterpolator(TriangleInterpolator *interpolator)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
SnappingType_VERTICE enum valueTriangulation
swapEdge(double x, double y)=0Triangulation [pure virtual]
~Triangulation()Triangulation [inline, virtual]

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