QgsTolerance Member List

This is the complete list of members for QgsTolerance, including all inherited members.

computeMapUnitPerPixel(QgsMapLayer *layer, QgsMapRenderer *renderer)QgsTolerance [private, static]
defaultTolerance(QgsMapLayer *layer, QgsMapRenderer *renderer)QgsTolerance [static]
MapUnits enum valueQgsTolerance
Pixels enum valueQgsTolerance
toLayerCoordinates(QgsMapLayer *layer, QgsMapRenderer *renderer, const QPoint &point)QgsTolerance [private, static]
toleranceInMapUnits(double tolerance, QgsMapLayer *layer, QgsMapRenderer *renderer, UnitType units=MapUnits)QgsTolerance [static]
UnitType enum nameQgsTolerance
vertexSearchRadius(QgsMapLayer *layer, QgsMapRenderer *renderer)QgsTolerance [static]

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